François Lesage The Unsung Hero 1929-2011

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For the first time in over 25 years an original and exclusive documentary media package is being made available including exclusive museum and atelier video, original international photography, and an exclusive rare video oral history – conducted as a one-on-one in-depth discussion with Francois Lesage. 

In this rare oral history on video Mr Lesage candidly discusses the entire history of Maison Lesage and his intimate involvement with this history including the top designers of our day.  He talks about his family, and his personal role at Lesage.  The intimate circumstances of how Maison Lesage as we know it came to be under his family ownership, talks intimately about close friends Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.  Mr Lesage in his own words exposes the harsh realities, and names the contemporary pecuniary interests, which he deems “dangerous” for the future of couture.

“Now look what happened when you see houses like Chanel and Dior who have sold everything and now they have to recreate the patrimony.”

– Francois Lesage 1991

and provides candid insights as to how the fashion industry works

“I am very intuitive.  I am a bit like a hunting dog. I must feel what will be the fashion.”

– Francois Lesage 1991

and who really controls it.

“The haute couture risks being Seventh Avenue. You have perfect excellent American designers but Seventh Avenue is Seventh Avenue,  it is all money making.”

– Francois Lesage 1991

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